I started running around 10 years ago. I have always been quite fit and active. When I first started running I didn’t take it very seriously and just did running for fun. It all started when I joined a gym and I was running on the treadmill. I found running on the treadmill extremely hard and I could only run for about 10 minutes, I would be out of breathe and would get a stitch. I then tried running outside as I would find running on a treadmill really boring. I could only run for around 10 minutes when running outside before needed to stop or getting a stitch.

It all really started when my sister was entering race for life and that really inspired me and I started to do the same. One of my first races was race for life. I remember my first race for life 5k race took me around 40 minutes. My pace was around 12 minute mile and I thought god how slow am I!! They say its about finishing and not always about finishing times. My first race for life event was in Aylesbury, I really enjoyed it and each year I would enter race for life, it’s a great event and it is for such a great cause.

After doing quite a few 5k races I then wanted to increase my distance. I remember one time my sister saying to me why don’t you do race for life 10k? I remember saying yeah right, I cannot run that far! I remember running 5k was a challenge and to run 5k without stopping was a real challenge and extremely hard! I then said to myself that I would love to do 10k but I don’t know if I can do it. Those of you that do know me I don’t seem to have a lot of confidence and I do lack confidence in myself! I then tried running a bit further than 5k. Each time I went out for a run I would try and increase my distance and increase it by at least half a mile or a mile. I know one day I just doubled my distance and I had run 10k on a run. My time was around 1.15. I didn’t think my legs could do that distance. My first ever 10k event was the mo run which was November 2012.

I have done a few 10k races, 7 half marathons and 6 marathons. I started to do half marathons around 3 years ago. My first ever half marathon was MK half in May. I was looking at half marathons one day and I said to myself I would love to do a half marathon but I don’t think I can do that distance. A few friends said to me of course you can, you can do anything you put your mind to and you are very determined.

Around 3 years ago I joined a running club called Redway Runners. I used to run on my own a lot of the time and sometimes I run on my own and other times I run with the club. I find running on your own sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself and joining a running club is the best thing I ever did. Redway Runners are very encouraging. On race day members of the club give you so much support along the way. My running has definitely improved since joining a running club, if it wasn’t for me joining a running club then I think I would still be doing a slow pace!

I completed my first ever half marathon and I really enjoyed it. I completed the race in 2.24. I had an ankle injury at the time and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do. I was really pleased with my time and I thought for a first half marathon it was a good time. I then started to search for other half marathons and I then decided to do Birmingham half marathon in October 2014.

After doing 3 half marathons I said to myself I would love to do a marathon one day but I always thought it was something I couldn’t do. I only ever wanted to do London marathon, I never really fancied doing any other marathon, it was only London marathon that appealed to me. In 2014 after doing my first ever half marathon I was inspired by London marathon, I thought to myself I will enter the ballot! When October arrived I didn’t get accepted into London and I was gutted. A few months later I thought about doing MK marathon but then I asked myself how can I really run 26 miles! A few of my friends said of course you can do it. They said you have ran 13 miles a few times now, there is no reason why you can’t double the distance! I entered in for MK marathon as my first marathon and I started to train!

I have now done 6 marathons! Yes I know, what can I say! I think I must have the bug! After doing my first marathon I didn’t know if I would want to do another marathon again. I really enjoyed my first ever marathon. After the marathon I was really buzzing and I said to myself wow, I can’t believe I have ran a marathon! I really enjoy doing marathons and I know some people must think I am mad. It does take a lot of hard training, all my weekends are about running but it is something I am passionate about. I have lots more marathons planned, I plan to do lots more marathons!


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